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Thank you so much for making EastLink conference great success !!! / 
Спасибо вам большое, что помогли конференцию Eastlink сделать успешном мероприятием !!!


See you in Lithuania at EastLink conference 2014 !!! /
Увидимся в Литве EastLink конференции в 2014!!!

Date: 01-02 October, 2012


Conference venue: Hotel "Vanagupe" Vanagupes str. 31, Palanga, Lithuania


B2B matchmaking event venue: October 2nd, 2012, Klaipeda Science and Technology Park, H. Manto 84, KLAIPEDA


Language of the conference: Russian / English






Klaipeda Tourism and Culture information centre invites all guests of the city to cognitive, cultural and recreational excursions around Klaipeda and its region. Excursions for visitors could be held in Lithuanian, Russian, English, German, Polish, Italian, Spanish, French and Swedish.
 October 2nd
One of the most important historical facts about Klaipėda of the 19th century is its status of a temporary capital of Prussia. Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm III, Queen Luize and their family as well as the Government moved to our city for one year.
The Great Fire which destroyed the city in 1854 stopped the development of the city. This fire destroyed the city which had had baroque and classicism features and later was rebuilt in historicism, Jugend and modern style.
The Botanical garden in established in a picturesque valley of the river Danė. The landscape is valued because it has plenty of natural vegetation; here there are relicts of our ancestors Balts and Lithuania the Minor times – these are mounds having defensive significance, the old cemetery, the “Devil’s” stone having many legends about it and which is preserved as a geological monument of the Republican importance.
Plants in the Botanical garden are collected and exhibited in three collections: dendrological, medicinal and potherb plants as well as perennial and annual flowers. Intotalhereyoucanseeabout 2000 differentplants. 
Fee: 30 EUR/ per person
Register for October 2nd excursion at eastlink@kmtp.lt or paulius@kmtp.lt
Meeting point: reception at "Vanagupe" hotel.
Duration: 16:00  18:00, transportation is included.
Be aware: only registered participants will be accepted
Registration deadline: September 28, 12:00 Lithuania time
October 3rd
The Curonian Spit is recalled with reverence as the pearl of the Baltic, the jewel of the seashore, a wonderful example of natural art. Those who look for beauty, harmony and peace believe that they can find true heaven there. The Curonian Spit (Kuršių Nerija), a unique corner of nature, which amazes everyone by its majestic symphony of sand and dunes, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The Curonian Spit is a 98 kilometre long peninsula, stretching across the territories of Lithuania and the Russian Federation. Legend has it that this strip of land dividing the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea was formed by the kind-hearted giantess, who brought sand in her apron and poured it into the Baltic Sea to block the waves and the wind so that the local fishermen could have a secure bay.The Spit itself is very narrow – even in its widest place is only 3,8 kilometres and it is unique not only because of its environment but also because of its architecture. About 100 buildings are distinguished as monuments of folk architecture. 
Places of interest:
1.       Exposition of wooden sculptures „Witches hill“. There are more than 80 sculptures, the motifs of which are related to witches and devils, the daily life of the people living on the seacoast and the origin of the Curonian Spit.
2.       Breeding place of herons and cormorants.
3.       Dead dunes.
4.       Ethnographic cemetery. There are originally shaped wooden tomb-monuments that remained up till the present days and that are typical of the Curonian Spit.
5.       The Dune of Parnidis (52 m) with sundial calendar.
6.       Thomas Mann‘s memorial museum and cultural centre. A German writer Th.Mann built this house in 1930. He lived and created here from 1930 to 1932. Now there is a museum with exhibition of the writer‘s books and pictures.
7.       V. And K. Mizgiriai Amber museum and Gallery.
Fee: 35 EUR/ per person
Register for October 3rd excursion at eastlink@kmtp.lt or paulius@kmtp.lt
Meeting point: reception at "Vanagupe hotel"
Duration: 9:00 - 14:00 , transportation is included
Be aware: only registered participants will be accepted
Registration deadline: September 28, 12:00 Lithuania time

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